Jerry Rice's New Football Video Game Is For The Dogs

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Dogs playing football is a video game idea that sells itself, but it never hurts to have a little star power behind your title. Get ready for Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football for the Nintendo Wii.


Developer Judobaby has plans to create an entire series of Pet Sports League video games, and it's kicking things off big with Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football. The Hall of Fame American football wide receiver stars in the game as one of 12 human characters tasked with acting as quarterback to a team made up of canine companions. Rice's own dog, Titus, takes on the role of the league's Official Commissioner. The game features 12 different playing fields for the dog teams to conquer on their way to winning the coveted Golden Fire Hydrant.

You can check out an early version of the game at Judobaby's Games page.

Hopefully this will give rise to an entire line of pet-centric sports games. I hear Michael Vick has some excellent ideas for a boxing title.

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Personal foul. Biting the passer, number 7, defense. 15 yard penalty. First down.

Also, for a Wii game, that sure looks like an Xbox avatar.