Jeremy Clarkson Talks About...a Halo Warthog

If you've ever wanted to hear the Top Gear star drawl "light plasma cannons", you should watch this clip of Jeremy Clarkson giving the rundown on the Warthog that'll feature in Halo 4.

It comes across as a bizarre piece of marketing, until you remember the Warthog will be in the upcoming Forza 4 (albeit not in a drivable state), a game that will have Top Gear branding and content all over it.


Forza 4 is out in October on Xbox 360.

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Train Dodger

I want Clarkson or The Stig to drive the Weta 'hog.

Hmm. If there's one thing I recall that irked me about the Warthog, it's the fact that it uses four drive-by-wire electric motors coupled to a hydrogen-fueled generator, but it still has a mechanical transmission for some reason.

You can even hear the gear changes, even though an IVT/CVT-equipped vehicle would have the engine operating at a constant RPM while adjusting the gear ratio on-the-fly.

A generator-powered one wouldn't even need a mechanical transmission of any kind. A real Warthog would not "rev" when you stepped on the gas pedal, going through gear changes like an ordinary car. The hydrogen genset would continuously operate at the optimum RPM range and load, and the electric motors would just whine a little bit. In other words, the engine would produce a flat, continuous exhaust note no matter how fast you're going.