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Jellycar - Wobbly Physics Based iPhone Freebie

It's a little bit Loco Roco, a little bit Moon Patrol - perhaps a smidgen of Line Rider - and very iPhone. Jellycar is a physics based puzzle game for the Best Portable Device For Playing Games On™ featuring a squishy little car traversing a wobbly landscape. As you can see from this work in progress video, it has fairly simple graphics, but the iPhone seems up to the task of handling the physics and as the developer plans to offer it via the App Store for free you can't really complain. The way the game makes use of the intuitive 'pinch' zoom in/out together with the tilt-sensing controls make this a game that could only really exist on on the iPhone. JellyCar - submitted to Apple [Walaber]


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While it looks interesting, I think the novelty would ware off in a few minutes. Games are supposed to be fun after all. That looks about as fun as using an iPod touch to play some music or read a webpage.