Get drunk and play video games? GREAT idea!! Why didn't I think of that? At least Jeff Gerstmann and Brad Shoemaker at Giant Bomb slugged back the rum with Capcom's Age of Booty dev team, instead of the more antisocial drinkin'-alone thing. The two sides paired up with each other in a plunderin' and drinkin' contest, with the losers sucking back a half-bottle of Captain Morgan's. Yarrrrgh indeed. Results on the jump.Gerstmann teamed with Capcom's Adam Boyes, Shoemaker took Capcom's Dave Witcher. Gerstmann-Boyes pwned Shoemaker-Witcher in both their first battle and the rematch, netting those two poor bastards an entire bottle of Captain Morgan's. Then Gerstmann and Boyes went head to head and fought to a draw, meaning they got a quarter-bottle of rum in their bellies. The scene then devolved into utter mayhem, as you can well imagine. A PR guy was there to make sure it didn't get too out of hand, like the way the CIA sends spies to the operating room whenever one of theirs gets gassed and goes under the knife. No trade secrets betrayed but ... yeef ... they stuck more with slurring points than talking points. The video isn't embeddable, so you have to visit Giant Bomb to check it out. It's worth it, both for the Sir Mix-a-Lot references in the review (methinks it was written while still bluto) and Brad's hilarious nothankyou.jpg of more rum, pre-passout. The Age of Booty is Upon Us [Giant Bomb via Capcom Unity]