'Jedi Master' Should Really Be The Easiest Difficulty Setting

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You know what video games have gotten all wrong? Difficulty setting names. This week on Kotaku Splitscreen, we discuss.


This week we take a deep dive into Jedi Fallen Order, the great new Star Wars single-player action-adventure game from Respawn. We talk about its influences, its difficulty, and whether Uncharted and Metroid can really harmonize. Then we get into Half-Life VR and the tepid launch of Google Stadia (46:35) followed by some off-topic talk (1:04:49) on The Righteous Gemstones and Musicophilia.

We also talk about difficulty settings. I mean, what’s the deal? Kirk was discussing the game-breaking bug that forced him to start Jedi Fallen Order from scratch, and then, well, here’s an excerpt:

Kirk: So anyways, I’m blasting through the whole game on easy, which is pretty fun—you can just run up and kill shit.

Maddy: They should call that mode Jedi Master, actually.

Kirk: (laughs) You’re right.

Jason: That’s a really good point.

Kirk: That’s totally true. The easiest should be Jedi Master, and the hardest should be Padawan.


Maddy: Yeah, you’re a fucking youngling, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Kirk: Who’s getting killed by a basic scrub aardvark enemies.

Jason: Remember the Wolfenstein thing where it was like ‘baby mode’? Really, baby should be the hardest mode of all.


Maddy: You’re playing as a baby!

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