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It seems to me that you'd want to announce all of your retailer preorder exclusive items at the same time, to avoid shutting out one particular store, but here comes Jazz, ready to fight multiplayer battles for Best Buy customers.

Activision revealed Shockwave as the GameStop preorder bonus multiplayer character for Transformers: War for Cybertron back in February, which had me slip my local store a fiver on the spot. I wasn't too worried about's exclusive character, Demolishor, as I've never been fond of the character and still can't wrap my head around preordering a video game for delivery.


But this just isn't fair. Jazz? Jazz is one of my all-time favorite characters. I nearly cried during the first Transformers live-action movie, and he wasn't even the real Jazz!

Should I switch my preorder, risking dirty looks from my local GameStop manager, or suffer in silence, crying myself to sleep every night, cradling my G1 Jazz delicately in my arms?

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