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Jay Mohr Serenades Kotaku, Jokes About Video Games, Activision and Nintendo

Jay Mohr took to the stage last night to host the 14th annual Interactive Achievement Awards and, as he has five times before, warmed up the audience with some biting comedy.


Before he tore into the audience and industry with his jokes, Mohr took to the red carpet to, among other things, serenade Kotaku. After checking out the video above for Mohr's take on Journey and Van Halen, check out five of our favorite Mohr zingers from last night.

Mohr addressing the audience:
"The sideburns and neckbeards seem to be particularly well groomed tonight."


Mohr on Ubisoft's Michael Jackson Wii game:
Michael Jackson the Experience provided everyone with their own signature white glove. This year they are re-releasing a special edition which gives every person a chance to sleep with a 12-year-old boy.

Mohr on award presenter Blizzard's Rob Pardo:
"When Rob Pardo gives you an award for game design it's legitimizing. When Zach Effron gives you an award for acting... it's confusing. It's like Pigpen giving you a bath."

Mohr on the technology of gaming:
"This has been an amazing year for technological advancements. The Xbox 360 had Kinect. The PS3 had the Move and the geniuses at Nintendo introduced a red one. Come on Nintendo. Try!

Mohr on Call of Duty: Black Ops hate:
"We have to talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Congratulations Activision, it's the biggest game since the last one you made. You're like James Cameron. You make one hit after another and absolutely no one wants to work with you."

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I had to laugh at his comment of Nintendo's lack of innovation this year when Sony's only one was basically an improved rip-off of what Nintendo released 5 years ago. Does anyone seriously believe the Move would have happened if it wasn't for the Wii?