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Jay Leno Is a Troll. Blows Up Letterman's Studio in Modern Warfare 3

Illustration for article titled Jay Leno Is a Troll. Blows Up Lettermans Studio in emModern Warfare 3/em

Thought Leno's jokes the late night wars were bad? With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, they just got worse.


On tonight's Tonight Show, Leno mentioned how big Modern Warfare 3 was. Instead of showing the actual game, Leno showed the live-action commercial, with his head superimposed.


The clip climaxed with Leno firing a rocket into the Ed Sullivan Theater, where late night rival David Letterman hosts The Late Show. The audience broke into applause.

Call of Duty Leno [NBC Thanks, Sean!]

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What I always hated about late shows is how up the thost's ass is the audience. For every little thing they would always cheer and scream wildly. ANYTHING.

In Craig Ferguson's show almost everytime his crowd begins to cheer he shuts them up saying his joke was lame and didnt warrant any praise. It goes without saying he never says anything just to get a cheer and thats just lovely.

Also the fact that he has no band (like everyone else and their mother) and his constant self depricating humor seals the deal for me.