Jared Leto's Joker Shows Up in Suicide Squad Trailer [UPDATE]

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UPDATE (7/13, 4:06pm): Presumably realizing that the official version looks way better than that off-screen leak, Warner Bros. has uploaded the Suicide Squad trailer. Watch here:

Original post follows:

Watch it before it gets pulled, kiddies.

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In the tradition of all trailers surreptitiously recorded and leaked during Comic-Con, this teaser for next year’s villain-turned-black-ops-agents movie is tough to watch and tough to hear. But the most important part—our first glimpse of pretty-boy Jared Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime—still manages to be the highlight.

Of course, this isn’t the first time footage of the Suicide Squad film has made its way onto the internet, with sequences showing a tense moment between Harley Quinn and Joker and Batman chasing down Mr. J. preceding this one. At least David Ayer made a joke about it, huh?



I don’t understand the point of this movie. For it to make any kind of sense, they have to be legitimate villains. It seems like Joker, Quinn, and a few others will be actual villains with any meat to them, and everyone else is going to be a generic “good guy who just went too far” kind of bad guys, and I guaranfuckingtee you by the end of the movie, the real bad guys will find some way to double cross the team and then the final showdown will be half the team versus the other half.

Why waste fucking time on this trash.