You heard me. Japan has a Transformers themed hotel room. It's outfitted with toys and Transformers bed linen. What more could you need, really?

The Asahikawa Grand Hotel, which is located in Hokkaido, teamed up with toy maker Takara Tomy to create this limited time only Transformers room.

Below, you can see photos from Japanese website Higekumatoytoy:


The Autobots emblazoned monitor shows a short Transformers clip.


Yes, it's "just" a hotel with some Transformers stuff in it. But that's a million times better than a hotel room with no Transformers stuff in it whatsoever.


Lodging starts at around US$90 a night (depending on when the reservation is for), and reservations are restricted to one night basis to ensure other guests get a chance to enjoy Transformers lodging. Guests receive Transformers themed gifts.

On April 25, the room will transform back into a regular hotel.

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