Japan's Remote Controlled Cockroaches Will Invade Your Kitchen

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RC cars? Been there, done that. Planes? Old hat! But cockroaches? *leans forward*

These are "Gokiraji", which is a wordplay on "gokiburi" (cockroaches) and "rajikon" (remote-controlled). Charge them via USB, and then they can be controlled via an infrared remote and make your skin crawl.

Watch in the video as they scurry about, with LED-lit butts. And when they flip over on their backs they're legs flail about, all roach like. Yours for ¥1,680 (US$21).


"黒いヤツ"を操れるUSBラジコン「ゴキラジ」発売――JTT [IT Media via なんだかおもしろい]

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