Monster Hunter conquered Japan on the PSP. Monster Hunter 3G is coming to the 3DS. For a brief second, the game totally forgot that.

In one portion of the game's online instruction manual for the Nintendo demo, instead of referring to the 3DS's buttons, it refers to the triangle button, the circle button, and the X button.

You can see a close-up in the upper right corner.

While the X button features on both the 3DS and the PSP, the triangle and circle buttons do not. They're PSP only. Doh.

Online, Japanese commenters wonder if this means the game is a multiplatform (read, Vita) title. The page is not corrected, and the reference to Sony face buttons were erased.


The rest of the page doesn't suffer similar brain farts. Hey, Monster Hunter's on the 3DS, too. Eagerly anticipated Monster Hunter 4 is also a 3DS title. Let's not forget that!

移植フラグか? [はちま起稿]

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