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Japan's Nintendo Online Shop Carries the AWOL Bits You Need

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nintendo catches heat for being clueless about the internet. That's not exactly fair, because Nintendo is doing cool stuff online—selling instruction booklets, for example.

Joining Nintendo of America, Nintendo just launched its own online shop in Japan. While other game companies might try to sell you things you do not need, Nintendo is selling things that you might need. Things you've possibly lost or broken.


The shop has battery covers, batteries, touch pens, cords, and straps. The store is divided into sections like Wii, DS family, 3DSi, and other. That last section is truly interesting; Nintendo's got plastic parts for the Game Cube, and the Game Boy Advance.

There are also instruction manuals for recent games, like Twilight Princess, but also older machines, like the Game Boy Color. Prices seem incredibly fair: ¥105 for a GBA battery case, ¥1,575 for a Game Boy Micro AC adapter, and ¥105 for a Wii console Controller Port cover, for example.


You might be able to find these cheaper in Japan, but not directly from Nintendo. In the past, gamers have needed to call Nintendo customer support directly.

The Kyoto-based gaming giant does support its hardware—old and new. And now, it's never been easier to keep your Nintendo hardware in working order.

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