Japan's Newest Life-Sized Gundam Officially Unveiled

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The time has come. The wait is over. Japan’s latest one-to-one Gundam is finally finished.


As previously reported, this latest giant Gundam has gone up near Yokohama’s Chinatown in the Yamashita Futo harbor in a special area that will be called The Gundam Factory Yokohama. What makes this particular 59-foot Gundam interesting is the degree to which it moves—a total of 24 articulating joints.

Check it out in motion below.

There is also an observation deck as well as a real-time cockpit experience area.

YouTubers Japan Pro checked out the giant Gundam during this week’s preview and interviewed the project’s creative director, who was also in charge of the first giant Gundam that was erected in 2009.

Gundam Factory opens on December 19. It was originally scheduled for this October, but this was delayed due to the global pandemic out of safety concerns for staff and visitors.

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Ah yes (screws tinfoil hat firmly on), the front for Japan’s secret military developmental bipedal weapons platforms! Once they have the tech perfected they’ll offer countries around the world their own Gundam for tourism purposes and those countries will never suspect that inside those harmless seeming sideshow spectacles lurk 14 year old children in crygenic hibernation just waiting to defrost and take control of their giant sword wielding deathmachines!