As far as Street Fighter gamers get, they don't come much bigger than Daigo Umehara. He endorses fight sticks and has his own t-shirts. And here, he's profiled on Japanese TV.


This is a best-of collection, with Daigo footage you've probably seen before. There's also a page from a Famitsu article from 1998 with a young Umehara.

In the opening section, Daigo said he used to practice every day—save for New Year's (Dec. 31 and Jan. 1), because he had to presumably spend the holidays with his family. All the other days, he was practicing Street Fighter.


While not as famous in Japan as Kayo, Umehara has become a "charisma gamer" of late, even giving tips on how to hold your stick and promote a novel he didn't write.

Pro Gamer Life [YouTube]

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