Japan's Most Delicious Convenience Store Chicken Nuggets Get A Robot

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson makes some truly yummy chicken nuggets it calls “Kara-age Kun.” Now store staff has a helper to make the fried food. Meet Kara-age Kun Robo.

Currently in trials in Tokyo, the robot has turned the Kara-age Kun cooking from six minutes to one.


According to IT Media, the robot can cook up the three different Kara-age Kun flavors: Regular, Red (spicy), and Cheese.

This isn’t a vending machine, as it’s still necessary to buy the Kara-age Kun container at the register and scan its barcode.

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Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored five books, including most recently, Japanese Whisky: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Desirable Spirit.