Today, Katy Perry Ate Too Many Nuggets On Japanese TV

Gif: Sukkiri, 2ch

Have you ever had the chicken nuggets from the Japanese convenience store chain Lawson? They are so effing good. I know it, you might know it, and Katy Perry definitely knows it.


Earlier today when Perry was on Japanese morning show Sukkiri, she ate lots and lots of Lawson’s “Karaage-kun” nuggets. The above GIF is from popular bulletin board 2ch. No, she is not throwing up.

The show presented her some nuggets, and she began eating them en masse.


Pace yourself! It’s better to enjoy those nuggets one by one than all at once.

Incidentally, Katy Perry’s dog is named “Nugget,” because she looks like a nugget.


If you are into morning Japanese TV, you can follow Sukkiri here on Twitter.

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