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Japan's Jumping Cat Leaps Like You Wouldn't Believe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you seen this little guy jump? Holy smoke, he's incredible.

This is "Nya-suke," aka "Jumping Cat," who's tabby living in Japan. As Nya-suke's owner, Youtube user Jamuomii, explained, the average cat can jump about five times their height, which is typically about 150cm or 4.9 feet.

Nya-suke can jump as high as 196cm or 6.4 feet. That's incredible. No wonder some of his videos have exploded on YouTube. If only there were a cat Olympics—a Meowlympics, if you will.


Nya-suke isn't only about jumping. He also enjoys rubbing his back.


Check out more Nya-suke videos on Jamuomii's YouTube Channel.

けしからん猫(Jumping cat)[YouTube]

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