Cafes are a great place to have a cup of coffee, talk, and relax. Sofas are nice and all, but the world's cafes really need to take a lesson from a handful of Japanese cafes: Hammocks.

In Japan, there are at least four (maybe more!) hammock cafes as well as cafes that also have hammocks. I'm not sure if there are hammock cafes in other countries, but there really should be. You can enjoy tea, coffee, and cake, while relaxing in a hammock. What's not to like?


The most famous hammock cafe in Japan is perhaps Mahika Mano in Tokyo. It's actually a hammock showroom combined with a cafe.

There is also apparently one in Akihabara called Cafe Asan. (The hammock cafe in the top photo of this article is Cafe Asan.)

Yet another in Sapporo.

One Tokyo hammock cafe called Farmers Market even has an open-air roof where you can lay in a hammock and soak up the sun.

This is hardly the only open-air hammock cafe in Japan.

Hammock cafes appear quite popular with young women. Sitting in the hammocks has been described as "comforting." Others like swaying back and forth as they sip hot drinks. Some, I imagine, enjoy snoozing.

This young dude seems to also dig hammock cafes.

Hammock cafes have not yet exploded in popularity yet. But they should. They really, really should. Hammocks for everyone!


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