Japan's Fried Shrimp Gun Is a Delicious Weapon

Fried shrimp or "ebi furai" (エビフライ) is a popular dish in Japan. Here's one way to make it quickly—in three seconds, to be exact. That doesn't include the prep time, though!


As pointed out by Otakuma, this is an ad for NTT Docomo's Full LTE high speed internet service, and apparently, no CG was used.

At the end of the spot, one the women says, "It tastes good, right?" Next time, three-minute dumplings!


本当に3秒で作ってる!ドコモ『3秒クッキング 爆速エビフライ』動画公開 [Otakuma]

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Will that setup actually cook it correctly?

At that speed and shrimp trajectory I doubt you could get the breading/batter to stick, let alone coat evenly.

And... wouldn't flash-cooking that way just burn the coating without cooking all the way through?

(...after watching so many Mythbusters eps with them shooting stuff out of stuff, i'm getting suspicious...)