Japan's Doll Festival with Little Kids

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Tomorrow is the Hinamatsuri, or Japanese Doll Festival. During the festival, dolls are displayed on stands against gold leaf backgrounds.


This evening while I was working (and making things for you to read), Mrs. Bashcraft and my two kids went to a friends to celebrate it.

The holiday is for girls—and a good excuse for my wife and her friends to get together, have dinner and hang out. They even recreated a life-sized display, submitting sons and daughters for the dolls. It was really cute!


I've never seen this before, and neither has my wife. So people don't usually do this! But they should.

So tomorrow on Hinamatsuri, we're not doing anything—we would if we had daughters. In April, we will display the suit of mini-armor for Children's Day in May as parents with sons traditionally do.

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Cute kid? Mini Bash?