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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Japan's Cup Runneth Over

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Japan's Cup Runneth Over | Homare Sawa celebrates her equalizer in extra time of a final won—with tremendous resilience and courage—by Japan. Congratulations! (Photo by Friedemann Vogel | Getty)


Activision Seeks to Sieze Nettlesome Domain

It appears that Activision is fed up with the owner of The publisher filed a complaint with a dispute board seeking to sieze control of the domain, after noticing this week that it was redirecting visitors to Battlefield 3's official site. More »


VVVVVV Creator Makes Super Meat Boy a Tad More Impossible

Super Meat Boy is no joke. That's a hard game, and that's part of its appeal. Put it in the hands of the maker of another, harder game, and it collapses into a singularity of motherfucker-what-do-you want-me-to-do difficulty. More »

Metacritic Calls on Writers to Review More Shitty Games

Metacritic's founder made a little bit of a stir earlier in the week when he went on the A Jumps B Shoots podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics, one of them being that game reviewers were obligated to "review all the shit," not just good games or those expected to sell well. GamePro followed up for a clarification of his remarks. More »


A New Look at Mass Effect 3's New Character, James Vega

Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson dropped this rendering of new team member James Vega, as a community reward celebrating his 10,000th Twitter follower. Whoever's No. 10,000, thank you for that. More »


More a Trip Down Memory Lane Than a Road to Glory

Two weeks ago the offers started pouring in. Duke. Vanderbilt. Wake Forest. Places well beyond what my parents could ever hope for me, much less pay for. They aren't real offers, as I'm not really a football player. That's OK, I'm not a real college student either. Mom and Dad stopped worrying about how to pay my tuition, or if they would even get to, about 20 years ago.More »


Free-to-Play? Star Wars: Galaxies Cannot Make "a Change of this Magnitude"

When Sony Online Entertainment said it would shut down Star Wars: Galaxies by the end of the year, many teeth were gnashed and many garments were rent. A lot of people, thinking SOE failed to consider this, postulated about taking the game to a free-to-play model, and voila, the orphanage is saved! If only they wanted to save it, right? More »


What an exhausting World Cup final that was. Japan went down a goal twice and just refused to go away, and the shootout was utterly shocking to behold. As agonizing as it is for the Americans, it is also a fantastic, hard fought and well earned victory for Japan.—Owen Good

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