Japan's Console War Still Even Steven

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The battle for hardware dominance in Japan is, once again, kind of a wash, with the PSP and PlayStation 3 sitting atop the country's weekly console war casualty count. The PSPgo and PlayStation 2 sit at the bottom.


Wedged in between that PlayStation sandwich are Nintendo's offerings, with the Wii taking second to the PS3 by little more than a thousand units. The Nintendo DS platform, with all three variations combined, runs neck and neck with the PSP platform. Yep, everything seems to check out here.

Potentially exciting prospect in the coming weeks: will the PSPgo creep past the Xbox 360? Sony's download-only PlayStation Portable has been gaining the tiniest bit of traction lately.

  • PSP - 28,635
  • PS3 - 25,590
  • Wii - 24,344
  • DSi LL - 17,146
  • DSi - 11,240
  • DS Lite - 2,869
  • Xbox 360 - 2,442
  • PSP go - 1,915
  • PS2 - 1,531


Nightshift Nurse

It's a shame Sony bungled the PSP Go as badly as they did. It's a great piece of hardware and I generally prefer it to my 2000.

An even greater shame is that its apparent failure still won't be enough to get John Koller fired.