In Hakata, Japan, there's a shopping center called "Canal City." Well, it's usually called that, except for when the sign's "C" burns out. Then, it's something else entirely.

Recently, the sign did burn out, causing Twitter users like @taiji_utagawa to upload images and people to snicker. The tweet has been retweeted over eight thousand times.

Below are some more pics:

The most bewildering thing is that the "C" has been out for a week! The lead image dates from September 5, and here's a snap from September 6:

Hopefully it's been fixed by now.

Japanese people know exactly what this means. Why? Because in Japanese, "anal" (アナル or "anaru") means, well, what it means in English. So a sign that reads "Anal City" is not lost in translation!


This isn't the first time people in Hakata have made jokes at Canal City's expense:

Nor is this the only embarrassing sign disaster you can see in Japan! More common, but still rare, are Pachinko (パチンコ) signs with the "Pa" (パ) burned out, reading "chinko" (チンコ), which is Japanese for "penis."

Wonder if there's a pachinko parlor near Canal City...

Hooray for juvenile humor!

Photos: Dion, S2Seipyon, Ero_Taku, Nm_Fangea, fit026, Msnw7

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