Last week, website IGN published a list of ten ways to fix Japanese role-playing games. Japan's 2ch., the largest internet forum in the world, has responded.

IGN's list criticized things in Japanese role-playing games like the lifeless environments, linear gameplay, stereotypical stories and traditional battle systems. (Read the full list here.) 2ch., where users post anonymously, has responded.


Keep in mind: These remarks were posted anonymously by people on the internet. Some of the remarks might be serious, some might not be. They do point to a larger sentiment, however.

"Oblivion and Fallout fanatics are exponentially more annoying than any Final Fantasy fanatic."

"Hey foreigners: we find your first-person shooters boring as shit. What do you say to that?"

"When I see all the 'sniping' and corpse-desecrating 'teabagging' going on in US games, the thought of what what foreigners do when they get mad [in real life] freaks me out."


"Japanese RPGs are created for the express purpose of letting one experience the blooming of their full powers from a total zero starting point. They're necessary for keeping public order in Japan."

"Okay, so give us some foreign RPGs that are more interesting than Japanese ones. I just don't find foreign RPGs interesting at all."


"Oblivion's okay, but foreign games lack subtlety. They lack detail, and the character design and stories are bad."

"Americans can't understand complexity so a lot of the best stuff doesn't get translated. Like Megami Tensei"


"I call 'cultural differences'!"

"Show me an American-made RPG that satisfactorily addresses all of these complaints."


"Do foreign companies even make RPGs anymore? The only games that come to mind are first-person shooter action games. If we followed this 'advice' to the letter they'd have us making Grand Theft Auto clones."

Freedom vs Teabagging: Japanese Gamers Sound Off [AltJapan]

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