Politician Ryutaro Nonomura made national news in Japan after he turned into a crying mess during a press conference. The incident spawned internet memes, the latest of which is Japanese youth posing as Nonomura for laughs.

In case you missed it, here is the now infamous press conference, which was supposed to address the Hyogo Prefecture assemblyman's reckless spending and travel habits. According to The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan's largest papers, Nonomura has hinted at his intention to resign.

At arcades across Japan, some of the country's youth are striking a "Nonomura pose" (野々村ポーズ) for sticker picture photos. Some teens are referring to him by the nickname "Nono-chan," with a few of them saying how much they like the guy. Honestly, I don't think they like him, but rather, the silly meme he spawned.


Courtesy of popular sites Naver and 2ch, you can see some of the Nonomura pose photos below:

The text reads "Nonomura pose." [Photo: tonsokubota]

"Imitating Mr. Nonomura." [Photo: tsubo511]

"Mr. Nonomura love." [Photo: moka_ria]

"You don't understand." This was one of the things Nonomura said at his press conference. [Photo: mamamayugge]

"I want to changeeeeeeee this Japan." Another Nonomura quote. [Photo: moka_ria]

In case the text that reads "Nonomura" and a garbled "I want to change this Japan" weren't clear enough, this kid has Nonomura on her smartphone. [Photo: R_31041126]

"You don't understand!!!" [Photo: mugiwara0505]

Again, Nonomura's name is scrawled across the front of this pic. [Photo: xmxa_039]

Side-by-side comparisons. [Photo: a_r_a_s_h_i_s2]

The doodles sure make this a striking photo. [Photo: shonenR_1021]

Not everyone one is pulling a Nonomura in their local arcade's sticker picture booth. Take this kid, for example. [Photo: p_ryu_a]

The tennis court is as good a place as any to strike a Nonomura pose. [Photo: kixx_y]

Or at home with the family. [Photo: kiss_cele]

As with many photo trends in Japan, this one might vanish as quickly as it appeared. I bet the weepy politician could say the same for the controversy.

「野々村ポーズ」でプリクラを撮るのがJK達の間で大流行 野々村ガールズ大量発生wwww [2ch]

Top photo: siokara1111

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