This is less game-related, and more crime-related. Right before E3, Icchou Mori from Xbox Live's Inside Xbox was taking pictures pictures in front of the convention center, when...

His bag was swiped. Gone were his passport, cash, credit cards and cell phone. Mori had been in Los Angeles only three hours. He contacted the LA police and had to go to the Japanese embassy to get a "white passport" that would enable him go back home.

While Mori might have had a bad experience getting his bag stolen and might have been irritated that the LA cops were humming when Mori was trying to explain what happened, his penniless trip wasn't a total bust. The Inside Box staffers pitched in and helped the poor guy out. That's good. But, next time, don't put your passport and money in your bag ‚ÄĒ bring a money belt.

Icchou [Official Site via my games news flash]