Japanese Xbox 360 Drought Looking Dire

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No relief in sight for the 5000 or so Japanese gamers who might be on the weekly hunt for an Xbox 360. With a limited supply, those looking for a Microsoft brand console on which to play a copy of Tales of Vesperia or a second game will be left wanting until such time as supplies are replenished. That means that only 3500 Japanese gamers could get their hands on a 360 this past week. Just heartbreaking to see demand kind of (maybe) outstripping supply like this. There's better news for Nintendo, as continued sales of Rhythm Tengoku Gold and Dragon Quest V help the portable carve out a big slice of the hardware pie. Nintendo DS - 55,995 PSP - 47,604 Wii - 35,173 PlayStation 3 - 9,020 PlayStation 2 - 8,420 Xbox 360 - 3,551


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i honestly don't know what's the big deal with the wii? i got one.. never play it.. the thing collects dust like... a dust mop? lol. really.. i put it in it's box today. might sell it sometime for $300 just to get some money.

i feel the same way for the PSP. i have games. i just don't PLAY them. i dunno why.. prolly cause i'm a console/PC guy. but i use it for Media a LOT. so at least it has one good use..

i guess.... cause it's cheap? whatever.. i don't care about the numbers. i still find it odd that the xbox is still doing so terrible in japan. even with all it's RPG games. and PS3 has like none. and japan in general likes RPG games, weird. :\

also, WHY IS THE PS2 STILL SELLING?! geez it's last gen now.. ehh i guess it was the same when PS2 came out. PS1 kept goin for a bit.

that's just my 2 cents... so argue all you want. :]