Japanese TV Channel Stops Airing Interspecies Reviewers

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Earlier this month, Funimation announced that it would no longer stream Interspecies Reviewers, stating the show fell outside its standards. Now a Japanese TV channel is also canceling the program.

IT Media reports that late last week, network TV channel Tokyo MX announced it would no longer broadcast the show. No specific reason was given other than “due to circumstances within Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corporation.” The channel broadcasted a boat program in its place, inadvertently resurrecting the old Nice Boat meme.

The most recent episode, number five, was rather explicit with regards to mushroom content, which is perhaps why Funimation and Tokyo MX ceased showing the program.


Interspecies Reviewers continues to be shown in Japan on networks including KBS Kyoto, Sun Television in Kobe, and AT-X, the last of which is broadcasting the show uncensored.

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And here I was getting very curious to know what kind of lewd content is too much for a Japanese TV station.

Mushroom content...

Porn and violence is okay but a whiff of drug related content and everyone drops it like it's on fire.