One of Kyoto’s most famous temples Kiyomizu-dera is a must see if you visit Japan. But if you’re in Japan this December, you can check out something rather unique at this World Heritage site: Star Wars art.

Like the Mario and Luigi painting unveiled earlier this year, this is a Rimpa-style Force Awakens screen painting with Kylo Ren as Raijin (雷神), the Japanese god of thunder and storms, and Rey as Fujin (風神), the Japanese god of wind.

[Photo: Disney Japan]

[Photo: Disney Japan]

Next to the painting, you can see the Japanese word “kakusei” (覚醒), which means “awake,” written in calligraphy by the temple’s Chief Abbot.

[Photo: Disney Japan]

According to Cinema Cafe, you can see the screen painting at Kiyomizu-dera from December 8 to December 15.

[Photo: task_kougeikan]

Top photo: FBi_JP

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