Japanese Store No Longer Buying Old Xbox 360 Consoles

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This sign was spotted in front of a Japanese game shop and states that the store will no longer be buying back used Xbox 360s that went on sale before August 2007.

The poster tells customers how they can check the serial number on their machine's date. The store will buy Xbox 360s will the dates 2007-09-01 and onward. It's not yet confirmed how widespread this is or if this is merely an isolated incident.

The Xbox 360 went on sale in Japan on December 10, 2005.

無念 Name としあき [ふたば]

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What I don't get is why in the hell wont microsoft do a thing about it? The right thing to do would be to at least do a cash for clunkers kind of thing just to get people on the new consoles at least, then they can take all the shitty consoles and bury them right next to the E.T. The Game burial site. Though I suppose they wont profit in anyway if they do this.