Japanese Space Opera Manga In Japanese *And* English

Leiji Matsumoto, famed creator of space opera Space Battleship Yamato, is debuting his new manga on the Wii's online Shopping Channel. Best of all, it will have English.

Matsumoto's Out of Galaxy Koshika will go on sale April 14, and like Wii-Shopping-Channel manga Princess Ai before it, Koshika will have Japanese and English language text options. The first chapter costs 500 Points, and the following chapters are priced at 200 Points each.


Out of Galaxy Koshika is set in 2099 on a space ship helmed by a beautiful woman named Yo Haguro. A young boy named Hajime Umino finds himself aboard the ship, which has been sent into space to save the Earth from obliteration.

There are no plans yet to release Out of Galaxy Koshika on Wiis outside of Japan, and the manga's publisher stated that the English language version is geared for English speakers living in Japan. How kind.

Wiiでマンガが読める『アウトオブギャラクシー 銀のコーシカ 〜松本零士〜』 [Famitsu via ANN]

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