It seems like there's always a new photo trend, doesn't it? Some are big. Some are small. Well, this one could have you shaking your head. Literally.

Earlier this week, head-shaking photos were uploaded to bulletin board Viper 2ch, with the original uploader writing, "You're able to forget your troubles hahahahahaha."

In Japanese, this is called "atama furinagara shashin toru no" (頭振りながら写真撮るの) or, wait for it, "shaking your head while taking a photo." It's also called 頭振りながら自撮り (atama furinagara jidori), which means "shaking your head while taking a selfie." Clever, huh?


Other net users found the selfies amusing, writing things like, "Honestly, I laughed" or "Scary" or "So unflattering haha."

"This is a lot of fun," wrote the net user who posted the photo below.

Then, there's this.


Granted, this kind of thing isn't brand new (heck, anyone who's taken a photo has probably done this). In Japan, there are selfies of teens from late last year shaking their heads as well as earlier this month.


However, the recent Viper 2ch thread is being widely circulated on Japanese blogs and websites. This trend could certainly catch on in a much bigger way. Or it could vanish into internet ether. Who knows.

Be warned that some Twitter users say that, while fun, head-shaker selfies can lead to headaches!

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頭振りながら写真撮るの面白すぎワロタwwwwwwwwwwwww [Viper]

Top pic: Viper/tumekiridoko/Ken_Varmilion

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