Japanese Retailer Won't Buy Back Xbox 360s?

In Japan (like in many places in the world!), there is a strong culture of selling back used games and hardware.

Japan especially is quite good about keeping instruction manuals and boxes in pristine shape as many who purchase gaming goodies do so with intent to sell back in the future.


For retailer TSUTAYA, the Xbox 360 does not appear to be part of that future.

A "wanted" list for the Japanese retailer lists the Wii, PS3, DS, PSP, PS2 and the Xbox 360. Then there is the dreaded asterisk that notes, "We are not buying Xbox 360 consoles". It should be noted that TSUTAYA is not buying back Xbox 360 consoles from customers hoping to sell their used machines and that there is no reason to believe that TSUTAYA will stop carrying the hardware.

Also, this is one retailer in Japan so your mileage may vary — depending on stores and even depending on which TSUTAYA you frequent!


TSUTAYAがXBOX360本体の買取りを拒否しているようです [はちま起稿]

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