Japanese Man Arrested For Fake...Stickers

Daisuke Yamashita, 33 years-old, has been arrested for two counterfeit stickers in an online auction for ¥3,160 (US$36). That's right two.

He was also charged with possession of 13 more stickers that depict art from Studio Ghibli anime films, like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Laputa: Castle in the Sky.


Police seized approximately 1,319 counterfeit stickers from his home in Matsudo City, Japan. The stickers feature art from franchises like Pokémon and Final Fantasy. Police believe that the stickers were imported from China and suspect that Yamashita has earned the equivalent of $22,000 from selling knock-offs.

Japanese Man Arrested for Fake Anime/Game Stickers [ANN]

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