Illustration for article titled Japanese Groom Ritually Destroys emLove Plus/em Save Data on His Wedding Day

One day in college, a friend of mine* was awakened by the distinctive sound of a man's porn collection in a garbage bag hitting the bottom of an empty Dumpster (which was right next to my apartment.) "Ah, someone must have gotten a girlfriend," my friend said.


A similar act of purification, contrition, devotion, whatever, happened in Japan today. At his wedding ceremony, this dude (and his bride) took a wooden mallet to his save data from Love Plus, the notorious dating sim. He had been seeing Nene Anegasaki before he broke it off in this way, crying as he did it.

There's a picture of the implements involved, and the act of smashing the data.

*-Actually me.

via Twitter. h/t soletta.

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