Japanese Game Movie Adaptations Are Crappy, Too!

Though, it may seem like Hollywood has a monopoly on shit game movie adaptations, others can make shit game adaptations! Take the Japanese film industry, which is churning out what apparently is a crud version of computer visual novel Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Japanese movie site Chou Eiga Hihyou gave the movie a 10 out of... 100. The problem, according to the reviewer, is that the movie cannot capitalize on what makes the game so interesting: Cute characters in a love comedy who gradually become violent and bloody. In live action, that kind of story arc is old hat! Also, we're pretty pissed that the actresses don't have green or purple hair. I mean...hello?!
10 of 100 [Chou Eiga Hihyou via Canned Dogs]


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