Textbooks can be dull and dry. Know one way to spice them up? Goofy illustrations.

Twitter user Chanta recently finished driver’s ed. and decided to fill the textbook will humorous scrawls. You might remember Chanta’s previous doodles, which spiced up English lesson books.


As you can see here, part of the original photo or illustration is often erased, providing a blank canvas to add to the image.

[Image: Chanta]
[Image: Chanta]
[Image: Chanta]
[Image: Chanta]
[Image: Chanta]

Hope Chanta is as good with a pen as with a steering wheel.

Below are some more drawings from other students artists. As before, English textbooks seem to be prime doodle fodder.

[Image: crow23478]
[Image: asamin_17]
[Image: movietheft]

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