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Japanese Cram School Employee Arrested For Nintendo Piracy

Illustration for article titled Japanese Cram School Employee Arrested For Nintendo Piracy

Yet, another DS game piracy arrest. A 57 year-old cram school manager has been taken into custody for illegally pirated Nintendo products. He was arrested after complaints from Nintendo.


The suspect, who resides in Ehime Prefecture's Imabari City, apparently sold Super Mario World burned on a CD-RI and Pokémon Platinum on a microSD card to a Matsuyama City man. Using Yahoo! Auctions, the suspect was selling bundles that included R4-style devices along with data on microSD cards and CD-RIs for ¥8,500.

After Nintendo complained to the Ehime Prefecture Cyber Patrol, police raid the suspect's house, where they found four computers, 5 R4-style devices and approximately 70 sales vouchers.


DSマジコン販売でまた逮捕者、今度はヤフオク [Inside-Games]

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