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Japanese Convenience Store Dresses Up In Dragon Quest XI

[Image: Kotaku]
[Image: Kotaku]

In Osaka’s geek district Den Den Town, one Lawson convenience stores is covered in Dragon Quest XI.


The store really went all out. The walls and floors are covered in Dragon Quest with DQXI merchandise and sound effects in the store. Besides the one in Tokyo, there are only two in the whole country that have gone full Dragon Quest.


Even the store’s logo was changed!


This isn’t the first time a Japanese convenience store has been covered in Dragon Quest for a promotional tie-up. It won’t be the last, either. 

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Been an amazing game so far. Comes really close to DQV but might be on par after I clear the game.

Maybe a little too easy compared to earlier games with much less grinding but could be a smart decision in this era.