Japanese Commercial Sells Curry Rice with Complete Chaos

It really, really is chaos. Good chaos. Go on, have a look.

The ad is for a type of instant curry rice* (カレーメシ or karee meshi). And as with most things, the commercial better if you understand Japanese. However, even if you do not, the ad is amusing.

At the beginning the kid says he's hungry, then the curry character explains how easy it is to make the Nissin instant curry meal. It's so easy and delicious, it's surprising! Then, the curry dude gets excited and jumps through the roof of the television studio and lands in outer space. As one would.

My favorite part is when he bursts through the paper and steps on the kid.

*Curry rice is traditionally severed with the curry and the rice separate. Curry "meshi" has the curry and the rice mixed together, with "meshi" meaning "cooked rice," "meals" or "food" in Japanese.


日清カレーメシ「カレーメシ登場 篇」 30秒 [Nissin]

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Meh. I've seen weirder. But the one that sticks to me the most has to be the Boss Noodles one.

I mean, he clearly says FUUUUUUCK BITCHES, at the end, right?