Japanese Comedians Promote New DSi Colors

Japan is getting three new colors for the DSi: Pink, Lime Green and Metallic Blue. Manzai group Audrey is back again to sell 'em.

"Manzai" is a type of comedy where one member is the straight man, and the other is funny man. Here, the straight man, Masayasu Wakabayashi, has the colorful DSi handhelds in his pocket. The joke is that funny man Toshiyaki Kasuga doesn't want the pink DSi, but the green one.


In related Audrey news, the duo have been appearing more on TV and in other ads of late. We've gotten a chance to learn more about Audrey — funny man Toshiyaki Kasuga is apparently very thrifty and has saved (and don't quote me) US$200,000 by living in a dumpy apartment and, he claims, not spending money on things like bath water. Word has it that even when he goes on dates, he always makes his date pay her share.

This just might be typical Japanese TV b.s., but there you go.



Yet behind the child like innocence of that commercial, we know he has pictures of naked cartoons just WAITING to be manipulated on his DSi.