Back in 2006, a splurge of pornography appeared on Sony's UMD format for the PSP. Several years have passed, and new ways of delivering adult PSP content have come.

Screw UMD! Japanese adult contents site is now trying to take advantage of the free pornography already playing on discerning PSPs by selling full length adult video downloads formatted especially for the Sony portable.


To purchase and view the clips as intended, website users need MP4-based video downloader software, a PSP memory stick, USB cable and, well, a PSP. Not so hard!

Clips can play on all PSP iterations, but according to the site's FAQ, will not playback on PCs. has a handy PSP download guide. Like most things in Japan, the guide's text is in Japanese. The images, however, are universal.


PSP®用のアダルトビデオ動画をダウンロード販売!! [DMM via はちま起稿 NSFW]