Japan To Get WiiWare Manga

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Japanese Wii owners will soon be able to get their manga on without even turning their heads away from the TV screen. Welcome to the future, don't forget to eat and sleep.


From January 6th, Sun Denshi will be opening their own WiiWare store selling chapters of Princess Ai Monogatari. The first 3 chapters will go for 300 Wii Points with each subsequent chapter costing 200 points a pop.

The service will be Japan-only initially but rumors abound that Sun Denshi are planning to launch titles in the West and the inclusion of English subtitles in Princess Ai Monogatari would seem to add weight to the theory.


Manga Coming To Japanese WiiWare in January [WiiWare-World]

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That shoujo-girly artstyle makes my eyes burn.

That aside,if I wanted to read this things on a monitor I would do it on a PC for free and even that is really stupid save for scanlations.

Nah,dont like the idea.Will keep collecting the paper-variant till my house burns down,thanks.