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Japan Takes A Week Off From Buying Game Hardware

Illustration for article titled Japan Takes A Week Off From Buying Game Hardware

The nation of Japan started 2009 off rather slowly in hardware sales terms. Buying slowed to a crawl overseas, as they tend to do, at the turn of a new year.


Looking at the drop-off, you'd think it's rather grim, but that's the New Year's holiday hangover in action. No new video game releases means far less clamoring for shiny hardware. Still, the Nintendo DSi managed to squeeze out another 78,000 units, with the PSP lagging close behind with 60,000 sold.

There's not much we can sex up here. Everyone's in their right place and selling about half of what they did the week prior. The numbers are after this.

  • Nintendo DSi - 78,201
  • PSP - 60,495
  • Wii - 41,243
  • PlayStation 3 - 28,144
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 23,429
  • Xbox 360 - 10,554
  • PlayStation 2 - 6,628

Sales-day is almost over, kids. Thanks for bearing with us while we choke you with data!

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Well, if PS3 was Wii price I think those 2 going head-to-head wouldd be the race to watch