One of the things I've noticed about living in Japan is that the country's non-native speakers are fuck all at using the fucking f-word.

Good thing there's a new book that aims to correct that! As noted by Kotaku reader Chris Hill, Japan recently got a new English instruction book called How to Use Fuck (正しいFUCKの使い方 or Tadashii Fuck no Tsukaikata). The book gives examples and explanations so people in Japan can improve their f-bomb abilities.

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[Pic: Chris Hill]

As noted by website, the book even provides a detailed explanation of what the fucking word.

Besides teaching essential phrases like "What the fuck?" and "fucked up," the book also explains how to correctly use "shit," "damn," and "hell." Important stuff!

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Which looks more enjoyable? The book that tells you how to say, "I brush my teeth" or the one that teaches, "fuck off." Fucking A, that's an easy choice.


This reminds me of English Words That Don't Appear on Tests, but with bad words. How to Use Fuck also comes with an audio CD, so people can practice their accents. You know, so as not to fuck up the pronunciation.

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『正しいFUCKの使い方 -学校では教えてくれない、取扱注意のfuck、shit、damn、hell-』 []

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@Brian_Ashcraft I think you'll also appreciate knowing this exists. [@RaptureBurgers Thanks, Chris!]


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