Japan Isn't All Neon Lights

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There's a tired stereotype that Japan looks like Blade Runner. Sure, some parts do, but the vast majority of the country doesn't. While most of Japan isn't terribly exciting (not necessarily a bad thing!), it sure is pretty.

This is a picture about three minutes from my house. I live in a modern and, for Japan, largish abode. (It, however, is nowhere as large as former Capcom producer Ben Judd's place—that guy lives in a castle!)

For a long, long time, I lived in the middle of Osaka. Like smack dab in the middle. It was very exciting. Going out and shopping were a snap. Since my family and I moved out of the city (we are still only a short train ride away), I've really come to enjoy the rural part of Japan.


I love taking walks and do so every day. The above photo is earlier today, and it's a side of the country you don't see nearly enough in video games; though, it does get a fair representation in anime and manga.

For those readers who follow me on Instagram, I'll probably be posting this photo later night, with some horribly hip filter—or maybe no filter at all. Apologies for showing it twice.

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Yeah, I definitely miss the night notes! Following you now on Instagram too Brian, super interesting! Moving to Japan in December :D