Japan Is Making Our Transformer Dreams Real

A real Transformer. Like, as in a robot that turns into a car you can drive. Thank you, Japan!


Called the J-deite Ride, this 4-meter tall transforming vehicle is the closest the world has seen to an actual Transformer. In “humanoid mode,” J-deite Ride is able to walk, while in “vehicle mode,” it’s apparently a steerable car.

Kotaku first covered this project—a collaboration between Brave Robotics, Takara Tomy and Asratec—back in 2014. The goal is to create a 5-meter tall version by 2020. My goal is to drive this thing.

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I feel like they shouldn’t be doing this actually. This looks cheap, they make you think how fake this is, realize that Transformers are fake and its obvious due to those videos it won’t happen in any lifetime to be achievable as in the movies for example, which is depressing. These videos linked here made me depressed :(

I blame you for getting my hopes up!