Last year, some members of a Japanese comedy site decided to troll Google Street View with pigeon masks. That was just the beginning.

This weekend, the same site, Daily Portal Z, held a "Hato Event" at Osaka's Grand Front shopping center. (In Japanese, "hato" means pigeon.) For the event, people could wear a pigeon mask and get their photo taken at the fashionable shopping complex.


Last year, Daily Portal Z also held a "Hato Night" event—which was filled with people wearing pigeon masks at, well, night.

Grand Front. [Photo: yaginome]

Kid pigeons. [Photo: Tokyo26]

Sitting in an audience. [Photo: tokyo26]

Using a mobile phone. [Photo: yaginome]

Over the past few months, Twitter users (including Daily Portal Z writers and fans) have uploaded their own pigeon mask pics—and there seems to be a few hardcore pigeon mask Twitter users!

At home. [Photo: Hero_Chaman]

Being lazy. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

Eating sushi. [Photo: twcc98man]

At work. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

Out to eat. [Photo: nanakote_s]

Mmm, pasta. [Photo: mietanpekeponpo]

Feeding the... pigeons. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

At the hot springs. [Photo: twcc98man]

On the train. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

Bowling. [Photo: Kokusan_Guppy]

With a Hato Bus. [Photo: PigeonMaskJp]

Buying beer. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

Drinking beer. [Photo: Right_Error]

Movie night. [Photo: hato_nichijo]

Um... Evangelion? [Photo: deresukeminoP]

Enjoying fall. [Photo: hero_chaman]

Good think pigeons aren't creepy, huh?

Pigeon mask are a thing outside of Japan, too, but I don't think they've run their course yet. That being said, I also eagerly await a proliferation of Crow Masks! Photos via Hato_Nichijo:

Top photo: yaginome

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