And it's called "Pink Cola," because as you can see, yes, the drink is pink.

As Suntory announces in an official release, this Pepsi is strawberry milk-flavored. It joins the ranks of other limited-time only Pepsi flavors released in Japan, like Ice Cucumber Pepsi, Salty Watermelon Pepsi, and Red Bean Pepsi, among others.


This isn't the first time that the strawberry milk flavored Pepsi has been released in Japan. It previously hit store shelves in 2011, which you can see in these photos from Gigazine:

[Photos: Gigazine]

Apparently, this is a very sweet-tasting drink, as if the color didn't clue you into that.


The latest Pepsi Pink will go on sale on December 9 in Japan. So pink!

Pepsi Japan [Official Site]

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